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19/09/2019 5:39 am  

Name: Aurockson

Age: 19

Country: United States

BIO: I am currently attending college for computer engineering and plan on graduating in 2-4 years with my associates degree. 

Games: Borderlands 3 as of right now its that and Minecraft though I swap fairly frequently for games on xbox.

Joined: 9-18-2019

Longevity estimate: As long as there are people to play and things that need doing I'll be around.

Hours a week: 60 if needed or really as many as needed.

When am I on: Generally from 11am-11pm I will be around my laptop.

Why I want to be a Developer: Because I always enjoy practicing my code and helping people out in the process.. just making stupid C++ games for myself isn't really that entertaining after a certain point.

Past Experience: As far as experience with coding and stuff of that nature its what I'm going to college for so.. A LOT of experience from just that but as for as on a server I've been a "Dev" for at least 2 other servers that occasionally needed help with some things but it was always stuff that would take 10-20 minutes to sort out and I need something big to kill time on. It is my passion after-all 

What do I add to the team: I can bring stupid jokes and basically all the tech support you could ever need ie; "Have you tried turning it off and then back on?" 

Know the staff: I do not know anyone on the current staff team.

What I dislike most about slycraft: The red text when you type any command and it feeds it back is so hard to read at night it needs to be brighter even grey is better than red because for whatever reason it just looks awful. I'd change it to be either white or grey.

I thoroughly enjoy spending time on Minecraft servers doing everything I can to make it a more comfortable place for everyone on it to just sit around and play Minecraft. That's the real goal here right?



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